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Fiction Editing and Book Coaching

How can I support you in your writing process?

Maybe you’re working on a novel and need some help moving your plot forward or developing your characters.

Maybe you’re a novelist who has read your manuscript so many times you can’t even see it anymore—and you need an editor to ensure your lines are strong, clear, and grammatically correct.

Maybe you’re finding your way back to writing after a few months – or years – and need cheerleading and accountability.

So much of the writing process is a solitary pursuit, and yet books are made through community and collaboration.

Write me a note if you’re interested in learning more! I’m excited to hear your story. 

About Me

I am a Seattle-based editor, writer, and teacher who is passionate about helping writers at every stage of their process. I have taught composition, literature, and technical writing at the University of Urbana-Champaign and North Seattle College and have worked as a news editor for KUOW, Seattle’s NPR affiliate, and a technical editor and writer for a software company.

I now work with novelists as a developmental and line editor. I love the process of collaborating with writers, of diving into the world you've created and getting to know your characters’ motivations and fears. As an editor, I focus on giving writer-centered feedback that helps you develop your voice and make exciting discoveries about your work. 


Editing Services

Developmental Editing

  • Helping you develop and refine your story. 

  • Includes a review of your plot arc, character development, point of view, setting and worldbuilding, and pacing.

  • In-text comments, a manuscript review letter, and a one-hour meeting.

Line Edits

  • Editing a finished manuscript for clarity, consistency, and correctness.

  • Includes in-text comments, corrections using the "track changes" feature, and a style sheet.

  • Line edits work best if they come after a developmental edit! If you don't know which service you need, I highly recommend doing a Manuscript Review first!

Book Coaching

  • Helping you plan or begin your story, muscle through the tough middle of your book, or start writing again after a long break.

  • Includes weekly writing prompts, monthly one-hour check-ins, and feedback and cheerleading on up to 50 pages per month. 

  • I will tailor the writing prompts and feedback to what you and your project need at the time! 

Manuscript Review

  • Global feedback on the novel as a whole (up to 100,000 words)

  • Includes a manuscript review letter that addresses strengths and areas of improvement for the plot, character development, setting and worldbuilding, and pacing.

  • Includes comments on the first 25 pages. 

Contact Me


Thanks for submitting!


Christina Scheuer has been my writing coach, editor, and primary collaborator for several years. We have worked on multiple projects together, including my recently released 550-page 5 star-rated novel, Host.

I have worked with Christina through every stage of the creative writing process. She acted as my sounding board for early concepts, helped me develop and structure early drafts, and finally helped me polish and prepare for publishing. She always kept the work in mind, spending the time to develop a deep understanding of my themes and characters. She was able to see, not only what was there, but what could be, then helped me find it. Her feedback was always assertive but respectful, insightful and honest.

While Christina is a thoughtful and detail-oriented editor, her greatest impact on me has been as my mentor and coach. Here, her experience as a professor of Composition and English Literature shines through. She continually offers pointers on technique and suggests new ways of approaching problems. She has been a trove of information on the art and craft of writing, pointing me toward interesting blogs, helpful podcasts, and novels which were relevant to my work in progress. Through our conversations and her in-line comments, she has given me innumerable insights into the creative process and has helped sharpen my theory and technique, and in so doing improved both the work before her and me as a writer.
Lastly, Christina is a joy to work with. She is wise, humorous, and has a deep love of writing, all indispensable qualities for someone who will spend hour upon hour telling you hard truths about your precious work."

- Chris Lodwig, Author of HOST

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